Top 30 best-funded Brazilian startups 2020

Top startups of Brazil

With more than 200 million people and a rapidly growing economy, Brazil is a hot country for startups who are aggressively engaged to innovate and grab a share of the market. Brazil is an interesting market for companies looking to develop new business models and develop a business stronghold for expansion in Latin America.

Operating in multiple industries, Brazilian startups are spearheading new businesses primarily through new technologies. And though they primarily rely upon innovation to reach a broad base of customers and create new productive systems, Brazilian startups are disrupting numerous industries including automotive, transportation, marketing, logistics, real estate, retail, commerce, and food delivery. Furthermore, many of these top startups are also FinTech companies, disrupting the broader financial sector, one of the most interesting to quickly become profitable and reach explosive financial growth.

Some of these startups are already famous in Brazil, reaching a large part of the population with their products and services. But as they are rapidly growing in Brazil, several of these rather young companies have already launched their operations abroad, especially in the Latin American region. Having become successful through their innovative approach and their extensive reach into the large Brazilian population, some of these startups have also already reached the acclaimed “Unicorn” status, that is to say, a valuation of more than a billion US dollars.

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List of the 30 top-funded startups from Brazil

Here is the list of the top 30 best-funded Brazilian startups with details about each company, the total amount of funds received by the company in US $ or Brazilian Reals (R$) according to Crunchbase, as of January 15, 2020 (with R$ converted to US $ with the rate of 0.2411 $/R$), together with a direct link to the company’s website.

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Shortcuts to each startup

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30. Contabilizei

Contabilizei logoIndustry: Accounting, Taxes – Total funding: $ 20.1 Million

Contabilizei provides tax filing and accounting services for self-employed professionals, micro and small enterprises in Brazil. It helps them prepare and submit all the documents and reports required for the government. Contabilizei also provides incorporation services for new businesses.


29. InstaCarro

InstaCarro logoIndustry: Marketplace, Automotive – Total funding: $ 22.5 Million

InstaCarro is an online platform for individuals to sell their cars directly online. Sellers can describe their vehicles directly on the platform to get a quotation and schedule a physical inspection in their desired location. After the inspection, car dealers will compete to provide their best offers for the car, and the sellers will decide which offer they choose to sell their car.


28. Escale

Escale logoIndustry: Digital Marketing, Customer Experience – Total funding: $ 22.6 Million

Escale is a technology marketing and sales company, specialized in customer acquisition and optimized buying experiences for major B2C brands. Managing the entire marketing and sales funnel for its customers, Escale is paid through a commission model, ensuring that it is aimed at performance and has full control over marketing decisions.


27. Volanty

Volanty logoIndustry: Marketplace, Automotive – Total funding: $ 23.4 Million

Volanty is a digital used car peer-to-peer marketplace, reducing costs of selling used cars by eliminating middlemen and providing a secure and efficient platform. It simplifies the entire sales process for sellers while ensuring that buyers can easily search and find safe used cars, in a convenient and more transparent platform.


26. Omie

Omie logoIndustry: Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing – Total funding: $ 26 Million

Omie is a software company developing Cloud Enterprise Resource Planner and Customer Relations Management for micro, small and medium companies. It helps integrate companies and accounting firms and binding them with consultants through a number of features including financial and accounting management, sales management, purchasing, production, API integrations, etc


25. Ebanx

Ebanx logoIndustry: Financial Services, Payments – Total funding: $ 30 Million

Ebanx is an integrated international financial services company specialized in end-to-end payments for e-commerce transactions. Besides, Ebanx also helps international businesses expanding in Latin American through cross-border payment services in eight countries of the region.


24. Descomplica

Descomplica logoIndustry: Education, EdTech – Total funding: $ 31.1 Million

Descomplica is an educational platform providing pre-recorded or live classes and online monitoring solutions. With subject and course materials delivered online, Descomplica helps millions of pupils in their day to day activities in High School to and students or professionals who want to get a better job.


23. ContaAzul

ContaAzul logoIndustry: Enterprise Software, Financial Services – Total funding: $ 37 Million

ContaAzul is an online financial management platform for small businesses. It helps businesses organize their financial routines by connecting with accountancy, banks, stock, electronic invoicing, etc., while also providing educational material to facilitate their tasks.


22. Modern Logistics

Modern Logistics logoIndustry: Logistics, Supply Chain Management – Total funding: $ 40 Million

Modern provides an efficient solution for logistics in Brazil. Connecting road and air freight with distribution centers, Modern has built a robust logistics operation and infrastructure, together with a technological platform. It allows industrial and e-commerce businesses to manage their entire supply chain and distribution even in rural areas of the country.


21. Weel

Weel logoIndustry: Financial Services, Business Services – Total funding: $ 44.5 Million

Weel helps businesses across Brazil gain more value from their accounts receivables. Thanks to a digital platform and a team of data scientists, Weel can provide personalized financial rates and terms, enabling its clients to get receivables prepayment money quickly, transparently and securely from their account payables.


20. Neoway

Neoway logoIndustry: Big Data, Analytics – Total funding: $ 45 Million

Neoway is a market intelligence and big data analytics company helping businesses from a wide range of industries discover market opportunities. Through a subscription-based platform that aggregates and curates massive amounts of highly detailed information, it empowers companies to sell more efficiently, hedge against risk, or keep up with evolving laws and regulations.


19. RecargaPay

RecargaPay logoIndustry: FinTech, Mobile Payments – Total funding: $ 50.6 Million

RecargaPay is a mobile wallet, payments enabler, and prepaid card provider. It allows banked and unbanked users to buy mobile phone recharges, pay utility bills or public transport and arrange peer-to-peer money transfers. It also provides solutions for merchants, reducing fees and bureaucracy.


18. Guiabolso

Guiabolso logoIndustry: FinTech, Personal Finance – Total funding: $ 56 Million

GuiaBolso is a mobile personal finance management platform and a credit marketplace. It helps individuals to make better financial decisions and allows them to easily access a selection of loans and financial products while providing data analysis and credit modeling to its bank partners.


17. Printi

Printi logoIndustry: E-Commerce, Printing – Total funding: $ 56.2 Million

Printi is an online printing service. It provides on-demand solutions to print products at low prices and high quality to corporations of all sizes in the US and Latin American markets.


16. Trocafone

Trocafone logoIndustry: E-Commerce, Electronics – Total funding: $ 56.6 Million

Trocafone is an e-commerce marketplace specialized in used smartphones and electronics products. It acquires, refurbishes and re-selles devices, providing the lower prices of peer-to-peer products together with the service, convenience, and safety of a retail store.


15. Rebel

Rebel logoIndustry: Credit, FinTech – Total funding: $ 62.1 Million

Rebel is an online lending platform offering tailored, unsecured personal loans. It also grants access to its proprietary Rebel Score, a credit score that details each individual credit profile and suggests actionable steps to improve their financial status.


14. VivaReal

VivaReal logoIndustry: Real Estate, Marketplace – Total funding: $ 74.8 Million

VivaReal is an online real estate marketplace connecting buyers, sellers, and renters across Brazil. A leader in its vertical, VivaReal enables Brazilians to sell, buy, rent, or invest in residential and commercial real estate, vacation homes, and investment properties.


13. RD Station

RD Station logoIndustry: Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation – Total funding: $ 76.2 Million

RD Station provides a marketing automation platform for small businesses. With its suite of tools for email marketing, SEO, social media, lead scoring and management, campaign analysis, and additional educational material, RD Station helps marketers track customer journeys and increase their leads generation.


12. CargoX

CargoX logoIndustry: Freight Service, Shipping Broker – Total funding: $ 95 Million

CargoX is a freight broker. Through its technology platform and expertise, it offers scalable transport to shipping companies across Brazil thanks to a network of more than 100,000 truckers and operates a blockchain-based solution to process bills of lading in a fast, safe, reliable, and cost-effective way.


11. Spring Global

Spring Global logoIndustry: Big Data, Mobile Apps – Total funding: $ 113.8 Million

Spring Mobile Solutions provides big data analytics, automation, and management solutions for field sales, marketing, and distribution teams. It helps employees gather and analyze field data to optimize sales, payments and delivery journeys, as well as communicate and collaborate.


10. Neon

Neon logoIndustry: Banking, FinTech – Total funding: $ 120.3 Million

Neon is a Fintech company providing digital banking services. Aiming at simplifying people’s financial experience, Neon allows its users to make payments, issue tickets and complete their purchases with business cards, without any fee.


9. Estapar

Estapar logoIndustry: Parking, Facilities Support Services – Total funding: $ 125 Million

Estapar is a company specialized in leasing, operating and managing parking infrastructure. It provides technical, management, advisory, and relevant planning services to private and public companies involved in parking. Though it was founded in 1981 and would not strictly fit in the startup definition, Estapar has recently raised funds to develop web and mobile apps to allow users to book parking space on-demand or in longer-term and innovate in the parking business.


8. Geru

Geru logoIndustry: Financial Services, Consumer Lending – Total funding: R$ 536.6 Million (~$ 129.4 M)

Geru is an online lending marketplace connecting borrowers and investors. It provides unsecured term loans with very affordable rates through a fast, simple, and transparent platform, as well as its own credit score model using unstructured data.


7. Loft

Loft logoIndustry: Real Estate, Marketplace – Total funding: $ 263 Million

Loft is an online real-estate platform. It leverages technology to ease the buying, selling and renting of residential and commercial properties in Brazil. Users can browse, rate and purchase houses and commercial real estate with feedback and reviews from other customers, allowing them to locate properties and source information in a transparent manner.


6. Loggi

Loggi logoIndustry: Logistics, E-Commerce – Total funding: $ 295 Million

Loggi is a logistics and delivery service. It uses technology to improve logistics across Brazil, providing an on-demand, fast, cost-efficient and reliable delivery network for e-commerce, wholesale food delivery, and courier services, together with transparent pricing, automatic payment, and real-time tracking.


5. Gympass

Gympass logoIndustry: Fitness, Employee Benefits – Total funding: $ 300 Million

Gympass is a fitness discovery platform, focusing on connecting companies and their employees with fitness facilities. It empowers companies through the engagement of their employees by crafting ongoing, personalized programs to engage in physical activity, stay motivated, and unlock their full potential. Gympass has developed its network throughout Latin America, Western Europe, and the United States.


4. Creditas

Creditas logoIndustry: Financial Services, Consumer Lending – Total funding: $ 314 Million

Creditas is a FinTech company offering secured consumer loans. Through its online platform and in-house credit scoring systems, Creditas provides access to a range of collateralized home equity and auto loans, allowing to reduce the costs for borrowers.


3. QuintoAndar

QuintoAndar logoIndustry: Real Estate, Rental, Marketplace – Total funding: $ 335.3 Million

QuintoAndar is an apartment rental marketplace. Easing the rental of residential real estate for both landlords and renters, QuintoAndar enables its users to browse, view, book, and rent the property directly through its app. It also allows advertising for properties and brokers’ services to assist users during the purchasing process.


2. iFood

iFood logoIndustry: Food Delivery, E-Commerce – Total funding: $ 591.9 Million

iFood is an online food delivery service. It allows users to easily order food online from a wide variety of cuisines to be delivered at home, operating between delivery partners, restaurants, and customers.


1. Nubank

Nubank logoIndustry: Financial Services, Payments – Total funding: $ 1.1 Billion

Nubank is a financial services company providing payment solutions, free-of-charge credit cards and equity investment to Brazilian customers. Thanks to Nubank, users can access their accounts via their mobile phones, and directly manage their payments and money transfers.


Summary: Top 10 Brazilian Startups 2020

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Top 10 Brazilian Startups 2020

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Here are the top 30 best-funded startups from Brazil. Did we forget any? Did you buy any product or service from them? Which one do you think provides the most useful product? Let us know in the comments below!

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