Towards Artificial Financial Superintelligence.


Welcome to Disfold, your assistant for a deeper understanding of the world of business and finance. We combine practical technology, including Algorithmic Trading, Brute Force techniques, Artificial Intelligence, and comprehensive market analysis, in an intuitive data science platform with valuable tools, data and resources.

A new age of AI, a new age of Finance.

The goal of Disfold is to find new angles and dimensions in finance to help you make better investment and trading decisions. We believe in the power of data and AI, Brute Force computing techniques and advanced financial algorithms to uncover and refine impactful financial insights.

Disfold’s commitment is to bring you innovative tools and pragmatic solutions to broaden your financial horizon, deliver valuable insights, and provide the guidance you need to navigate the complexities of finance with ease and confidence.

Join us at Disfold, where we aim to demystify the intricate world of finance, transforming data into a strategic asset for your investment and trading decisions. Together, let’s embrace the future of finance and AI.


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