Top 30 Australian companies in the ASX 200 index – January 2023

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Australia, known for its vast landscapes and unique wildlife, is also home to some of the most influential corporations in the global marketplace. This list of the thirty largest publicly traded Australian companies, top constituents of the ASX 200 index, will bring you up to speed on these global powerhouses.

Whether you’re an investor hunting for lucrative opportunities, a business professional eyeing collaborations, or a curious reader looking to stay updated with the country’s economic dynamics, this curated list of Australia’s top 30 companies will serve as your comprehensive guide. Dive in to discover which sectors are dominating, who’s leading in market capitalization, and why these companies matter on the global stage.

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In Australia, companies are incorporated as public limited companies – PLC – to get listed on the Australian Securities Exchange – ASX. Even though they have to comply with the regulations of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, getting listed allows companies to gain access to capital from investors in exchange for a share of the company’s stock.

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The S&P/ASX 200 Index, benchmark of Australia

To easily grasp the fluctuations of the Australian economy and its stock market, the stocks of 200 companies quoted on the ASX are aggregated in the S&P/ASX 200 Index, or more simply ASX 200, which is widely considered as the benchmark index of Australia.

Calculated from the stocks of the 200 largest corporations by market capitalization listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the ASX 200 is a capitalization-weighted index, i.e. in which larger companies are weighted more heavily. It represents more than 80% of the total market capitalization on the ASX.

Note that other indices have also been created to evaluate narrower or broader numbers of companies, and consider their economic dynamism through their size in market capitalization: S&P/ASX 20, S&P/ASX 50, S&P/ASX 100, and S&P/ASX 300. The S&P/ASX 200 Index remains however the index that is most often considered by analysts and journalists to follow the Australian stock market activity.

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Evolution of the S&P / ASX 200 over 5 years
Evolution of the S&P / ASX 200 over 5 years (Image: Google Finance)

The real-time quotation of the ASX 200 index can be followed with convenient graphical tools from a number of sources, including Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.

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Key insights from the list of Top 30 Australian Companies in the S&P / ASX 200 index in January 2023

Dominance of Financials and Basic Materials

In Australia, the Financials and Basic Materials sectors lead the way. A striking 40% of the companies on this list hail from these two sectors, underscoring the strength and resilience of Australia’s banking system and its abundant natural resources. Healthcare, Energy, and Real Estate follow closely, highlighting the diverse nature of Australia’s corporate landscape.

Geographical Outreach

Companies like ANZ, NAB, and CommBank have established a multinational presence, not just limiting their operations to Australia and New Zealand but also extending their reach to Asia, the U.S., and the U.K. This global presence signifies the expansive and influential nature of Australian corporations.

Legacy and evolution

Institutions like Westpac, which has served customers since 1817, highlight the longstanding trust and legacy that some of these companies have built over centuries. Such history often translates to stability in the eyes of investors and consumers alike.

On the other hand, some companies, like Fortescue Metals Group, initially known for iron ore production, are exploring new avenues like gold, copper, and lithium, showcasing their adaptability and foresight in an ever-evolving market.

List of the top 30 Australian companies in the ASX 200 index ranked by market capitalization, as of January 1st, 2023

To help you learn more about Australian corporations, the 30 largest companies in the Australian Securities Exchange, and the ASX 200 index, are listed hereafter. Each company is presented with information on its sector and industry, operations, market capitalization, a direct link to its website, logo, and stock ticker. Companies are ranked by market capitalization in Australian Dollars as of the effective close on January 1st, 2023.

Shortcuts to each company

To facilitate your browsing in this long list, here are quick links to go directly to the details of any of the top 30 ASX companies.

30. Northern Star Resources Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Basic Materials | Industry: Gold

Northern Star Resources Limited logo

Northern Star Resources Limited specializes in exploring, developing, mining, and processing gold deposits in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Alaska. Northern Star Resources Limited is also involved in the selling of refined gold.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$13.63 B | Stock: ASX:NST |

29. Sonic Healthcare Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Healthcare | Industry: Medical Care Facilities

Sonic Healthcare Limited logo

Sonic Healthcare Limited is a medical company specializing in diagnostics services. It provides services in pathology/laboratory medicine and imaging/radiology. Having grown through international acquisitions, Sonic Healthcare now operates in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Ireland

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$14.47 B | Stock: ASX:SHL |

28. REA Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Communication Services | Industry: Internet Content & Information

REA Group Limited logo

REA Group Ltd is an online real estate advertising company. Originally operating Australia’s largest property website,, REA Group has expanded through international acquisitions to operate property websites in 6 countries. It is majority-owned by News Corp Australia.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$14.50 B | Stock: ASX:REA |

27. Scentre Group

Country: Australia | Sector: Real Estate | Industry: REIT—Retail

Scentre Group logo

Scentre Group is a company developing and managing shopping centers and retail destinations. Operating the Westfield brand across Australia and New Zealand, Scentre Group is operating through the development, design, construction, funds/asset management, property management, leasing, and marketing activities for its centers.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$14.95 B | Stock: ASX:SCG |

26. Ramsay Health Care Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Healthcare | Industry: Medical Care Facilities

Ramsay Health Care Limited logo

Ramsay Health Care is a private healthcare company operating in Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Ramsay Health Care is especially involved in primary care to highly complex surgery, as well as mental health care and rehabilitation.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$15.14 B | Stock: ASX:RHC |

25. Suncorp Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Insurance—Property & Casualty

Suncorp Group Limited logo

Suncorp Group Limited is a finance, insurance, and banking corporation. Founded in 1902, Suncorp is one of the largest general insurance companies in Australia, also operating a mid-size bank. It has operations in both Australia and New Zealand.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$15.16 B | Stock: ASX:SUN |

24. Computershare Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Technology | Industry: Information Technology Services

Computershare Limited logo

Computershare Limited is a multinational transfer agent and investor services company. Operating in more than 20 countries, it provides stock registration and transfer services to companies listed on stock markets, technology services for stock exchanges, investor services for shareholders and employee share plan management.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$15.66 B | Stock: ASX:CPU |

23. Mineral Resources Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Basic Materials | Industry: Other Industrial Metals & Mining

Mineral Resources Limited logo

Mineral Resources Limited is a mining services and processing company operating primarily in Australia. The company offers a range of services, including contract crushing, screening, and mining services. It provides engineering and construction services in the resources sector and manages resource commodities processing, production, and export. Moreover, the company holds interests in various projects, notably in iron ore and lithium in Western Australia.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$15.85 B | Stock: ASX:MIN |

22. Brambles Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Industrials | Industry: Specialty Business Services

Brambles Limited logo

Brambles Limited is the parent of Brambles group, a supply-chain logistics company, specialized in container pooling and associated services. Operating in more than 60 countries through the CHEP and IFCO brands, Brambles is engaged in outsourced management of pallets and containers and reusable plastic crates.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$16.35 B | Stock: ASX:BXB |

21. WiseTech Global Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Technology | Industry: Software—Application

WiseTech Global Limited logo

WiseTech Global Limited offers software solutions to the logistics industry internationally. Their platform, CargoWise, aids logistics service providers in managing complex transactions and operations. The company’s services encompass freight forwarding, warehousing, transport management, trade compliance, and other logistics-related activities. It also offers customs declaration and international trade management tools.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$16.82 B | Stock: ASX:WTC |

20. South32 Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Basic Materials | Industry: Other Industrial Metals & Mining

South32 Limited logo

South32 is a multinational diversified mining and metals company. Created from BHP Billiton (former name of BHP Group), South32 produces bauxite, alumina, aluminum, energy and metallurgical coal, manganese, nickel, silver, lead, and zinc. It operates in Australia, Southern Africa, and South America.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$19.43 B | Stock: ASX:S32 |

19. QBE Insurance Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Insurance—Property & Casualty

QBE Insurance Group Limited logo

QBE Insurance Group Limited is a global insurance company. Tracing its origins to 1886, QBE Insurance Group operates in general insurance and reinsurance services in Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific region.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$19.70 B | Stock: ASX:QBE |

18. Newcrest Mining Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Basic Materials | Industry: Gold

Newcrest Mining Limited logo

Newcrest Mining Limited is a mining company and one of the world’s largest producers of gold. It is involved in the exploration, development, mining, and sale of gold and copper, operating in Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Canada.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$19.81 B | Stock: ASX:NCM |

17. Aristocrat Leisure Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Communication Services | Industry: Electronic Gaming & Multimedia

Aristocrat Leisure Limited logo

Aristocrat Leisure Limited is a company specialized in the manufacture of gambling machines. Primarily producing slot machines, it also develops computerized gambling systems and card game simulations, electronic table games, and linked jackpot systems. Besides Australia, Aristocrat Leisure has opened marketing and development offices in South Africa, Russia, and the United States.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$20.62 B | Stock: ASX:ALL |

16. Coles Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Consumer Staples | Industry: Grocery Stores

Coles Group Limited logo

Coles Group Limited is engaged in the operation of multiple retail chains. Previously bought by Wesfarmers Limited, Coles Group was relisted independently, operating Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, Coles liquor division, and owning half of FlyBuys.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$21.99 B | Stock: ASX:COL |

15. Santos Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Energy | Industry: Oil & Gas E&P

Santos Limited logo

Santos Ltd., standing for South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search, is an independent oil and gas producer. Particularly involved in the extraction of domestic gas in Australia, Santos Ltd also distributes gas across the country. It is also engaged in oil and gas exploration and production ventures in Australia, in the Timor Gap, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as the export of liquid natural gas to Japan.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$23.46 B | Stock: ASX:STO |

14. Woodside Energy Group Ltd

Country: Australia | Sector: Energy | Industry: Oil & Gas E&P

Woodside Energy Group Ltd logo

Woodside Energy Group is a petroleum exploration and production company. It operates in Australia, Canada, the United States, Senegal, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Myanmar, Cameroon, Gabon, Morocco, and Ireland. In Australia, Woodside is also involved in a number of liquefied natural gas projects.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$28.53 B | Stock: ASX:WDS |

13. Goodman Group

Country: Australia | Sector: Real Estate | Industry: REIT—Diversified

Goodman Group logo

Goodman Limited, also known as Goodman Group, is a commercial and industrial real estate development company. It is engaged in the management and development of commercial and industrial property including warehouses, large-scale logistics facilities, business and office parks in 17 countries.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$32.81 B | Stock: ASX:GMG |

12. Transurban Group

Country: Australia | Sector: Industrials | Industry: Infrastructure Operations

Transurban Group logo

Transurban Group, more simply know as Transurban, is a toll-road operating company. Transurban designs, builds, and manages urban toll road networks in Australia, the United States, and Canada. It is also engaged in the research and development of new toll payment systems and transport technology.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$39.39 B | Stock: ASX:TCL |

11. Woolworths Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Consumer Staples | Industry: Grocery Stores

Woolworths Group Limited logo

Woolworths Group Limited is a retail company operating supermarkets (with the Woolworths and Countdown brands in Australia and New Zealand respectively), liquor retailing (as BWS and Dan Murphy’s in Australia), hotels and pubs (under the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group), and discount department stores (under the Big W brand in Australia).

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$40.25 B | Stock: ASX:WOW |

10. Telstra Corporation Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Communication Services | Industry: Telecom Services

Telstra Corporation Limited logo

Telstra Corporation Limited, simply known as Telstra, the largest telecommunications company in Australia. It builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets products and services for voice, mobile, internet access, and pay television.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$45.64 B | Stock: ASX:TLS |

9. Wesfarmers Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Consumer Discretionary | Industry: Home Improvement Retail

Wesfarmers Limited logo

Wesfarmers Limited is a conglomerate with predominant interests in Australian and New Zealand retail, chemicals, fertilizers, coal mining, and industrial and safety products. Founded as a co-operative in 1914, Wesfarmers Limited has become the largest employer in Australia with more than 220,000 employees.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$51.57 B | Stock: ASX:WES |

8. Fortescue Metals Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Basic Materials | Industry: Other Industrial Metals & Mining

Fortescue Metals Group Limited logo

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, also referred to as Fortescue or FMG, is one of the largest producers of iron ore in the world. Fortescue Metals Group operates iron ore mines throughout Australia and ore transports including trains and ore carrying ships. It is now engaged in the exploration for diversification in gold, copper, and lithium.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$64.57 B | Stock: ASX:FMG |

7. Macquarie Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Capital Markets

Macquarie Group Limited logo

Macquarie Group Limited is a multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. Employing more than 14,000 staff in 25 countries, Macquarie is the world’s largest infrastructure asset manager and top-ranked mergers and acquisitions advisor in Australia. It also manages more than A$ 495 billion in assets.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$66.58 B | Stock: ASX:MQG |

6. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Banks—Diversified

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited logo

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly called ANZ, is a multinational bank. The third-largest bank in Australia by market capitalization, ANZ is the largest bank in New Zealand, and it is also present in 34 other nations.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$70.73 B | Stock: ASX:ANZ |

5. Westpac Banking Corporation

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Banks—Diversified

Westpac Banking Corporation logo

Westpac Banking Corporation, commonly known as Westpac, is a bank and provider of financial services. Founded in 1817, Westpac now gathers more than 14 million customers in five divisions: consumer banking, commercial and business banking, wealth management, institutional banking, and Westpac New Zealand.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$79.47 B | Stock: ASX:WBC |

4. National Australia Bank Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Banks—Diversified

National Australia Bank Limited logo

National Australia Bank, commonly known and branded as NAB, is a multinational bank. Heavily present in Australia through business and personal banking, direct banking through the internet, and financial services, NAB is also very present in New Zealand and in other countries of Asia.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$92.26 B | Stock: ASX:NAB |

3. CSL Limited

Country: Australia | Sector: Healthcare | Industry: Biotechnology

CSL Limited logo

CSL Limited is a biotechnology company providing products to treat and prevent serious human medical conditions. CSL is involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of products including blood plasma derivatives, vaccines, antivenom, and cell culture reagents for medical and genetic research and manufacturing applications.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$136.95 B | Stock: ASX:CSL |

2. CommBank

Country: Australia | Sector: Financials | Industry: Banks—Diversified

CommBank logo

Founded in 1911, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, abbreviated CBA or CommBank,  is a multinational bank providing services in retail, business, and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment, and brokerage services. It operates across Australia, and abroad in New Zealand, Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$174.14 B | Stock: ASX:CBA |

1. BHP

Country: Australia | Sector: Basic Materials | Industry: Other Industrial Metals & Mining

BHP logo

BHP Group Limited is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals, and petroleum corporation that is dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange. BHP is involved in the exploration, production, and processing of minerals, especially coal, iron ore, copper, and manganese ore, and the exploration, production, and refining of hydrocarbons.

Company Profile | Market Cap.: A$327.32 B | Stock: ASX:BHP |

Australia’s top 30 companies are a testament to the country’s economic prowess and the dynamic nature of its corporate sector. From mining giants to banking behemoths, these corporations not only drive the Australian economy but also leave significant footprints on the global stage.

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